Treatment Plan Guidelines Chart


Treatment plans vary from person to person, but there are general guidelines we follow. Since we take many factors into consideration when recommending a treatment plan, yours might look different than the one below.

Condition being treated

Treatment frequency

Very severe discomfort

10/10 on pain scale

Daily until there is change in condition

Serious discomfort

7-9/10 on pain scale

3 x week for 2-3 weeks then re-evaluate

Moderate discomfort

4-6/10 on pain scale

2 x week for 2-3 weeks then re-evaluate

chronic conditions

>3 months

2 x week for 5-8 weeks then re-evaluate

Chronic stress

1 x week until stress subsides

Wellness and prevention

1 x week, especially before travel, during season changes, or times of higher stress

Gynecological disorders

1-2 x week until a normal cycle is established, then once a week to every other week until 2 normal cycles, then 1-2 x month

Most other issues

2 x week until 50% improvement, then 1 x week until resolved

Chronic conditions with poor prognosis

1 x week indefinitely